At SEA SENSE, we follow the FDD or RAD or JAD that are experienced by us as successful software development processes. Depending on the project we follow any of these methodologies in mutual consultation with the client. Our development plan, in general, includes the key steps as Requirement Gathering, Software Design, Coding, and Testing. Along with the client, our Business Analyst / Project coordinator does the scoping and sign-off documents once a project is taken up. We will then come up with a document to brief how we are going to kick off the project, which summarizes the results of the Project Initiation stage and recommends the steps to the next stage.


After this the Technical Team Lead, will split the broad features into smaller modules / tasks and finalise the milestones for each of these modules. The priorities will be finalized in consultation with the client. Usually these will be loaded in a Project Tracking Tool that will be accessible to all stake holders of the project. SEA SENSE's On-site Coordinator (if any) or off-site manager will track the development activity and measure the velocity of the team using standard estimation procedures. This helps the Project Manager / On-site coordinator to set the expectation with the client on what he can expect in the coming weeks and months. This enables the client to control and alter priorities based on business priorities.

  • IT Services Includes
  • Web Applications
  • Enterprise Software
  • Open Source Consulting
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Product Migration and Porting
  • Outsource Software Development