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MatLab Development is the language of technical computing. It allows Math, statistics and optimization, Application Deployment, Data access and Reporting. In fact, MATLAB Development allows matrix manipulations, plotting of functions and data, implementation of algorithms, creation of user interfaces, and interfacing with programs written in other languages, including C, C++, C#, Java, Fortran and Python. At the same time, Simulink adds real time simulation and testing, Verification validation and testing, and simulation, graphics, reporting.

At the same time, an additional package, Simulink, adds graphical multi-domain simulation and model-based design for dynamic and embedded systems. As well as, MATLAB, communicate with Web services Create and share toolboxes, Capture and retrieve data on causes of errors. Built-in graphics make it easy to visualize and gain insights from data. At the same time, you can run your analyses on larger data sets, and scale up to clusters and clouds. Simulink a simulation and model-based device. In fact, it is a block diagram environment for multidomain simulation and Model-Based Design. Surely, MatLab development supports system-level design, simulation, automatic code generation, and continuous test and verification of embedded systems.


SEA SENSE Java architects and developers draw on a well-crafted set of patterns. For this reason, we implement variety of integration solutions in Java development. We are using high futuristic frameworks. Such as, J2EE, JSF, Struts, Spark, Hadoop, etc., We offer the development of high-quality software. On the positive side, this will help to ameliorate the workflow of the company. Particularly, our expertise also allows us to build scalable enterprise software ensuring high performance.

What is Java?
Java is one of the most popular programming languages widely used for creating web and mobile applications. As well as, web portals, customized and enterprise software, games, etc. To point out, the immense advantage of Java is its platform independent. It means that the programs written in Java can efficiently run across various system. Particularly, Java development supports system-level design, simulation, automatic code generation.


Python programming language provides general-purpose high-level programming language through which code readability has been emphasized. It is also used to combine remarkable power with proper syntax. It also uses indentation block delimiters to support multiple programming language patterns that object-oriented, imperative and functional. On the other hand, there are various software services available in Sea Sense. Such as, Sublime text, Komodo Edit, Geany, Emacs and other services. Similarly, PhP, Python is also interpreted language. At the same time, Python application does not require explicit compilation so that compiler is not requiring for python development.

Features of Python Development
-Simple and Easy to Learn
-Platform Independent
-High Level Language
-Python supports POP & OOP
-Free and Open Source & Redistribution
-Extensive Libraries
-Develop GUI & Web Application


Sea Sense provides VLSI development services for both the manufacturers who design the products as well as scholars who are doing researches in this field. Here we will derive programs for designing the chips using various programming languages. Also, we will assist the PHD scholars for doing their researches in this field by implementing the programs and analyse how it will embed with the software. Our team of specialized developers who are well expert in deriving code for designing the chips helps the customers to deliver the products.

However, we have the potential to develop high-end complex chip designs from concept to production-ready wafer or chip. At the same time, we assimilate changing customer demands and develop innovative future-enabled solutions accordingly. Moreover, our engineers have varying levels of hands-on experience in domain knowledge, latest technologies, design methodologies, modelling languages and verification techniques used in the industry


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