It is considered very important for a research student or research scholar to prove their research skills to the doctoral committee through paper work. Here comes the professional support from SEA SENSE in writing the PhD doctoral thesis work in the way that how University / committee expects. A Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD or DPhil) is one of the highest academic degrees next to Masters. In order to conduct research in an area, PhD researchers require deep knowledge in their interest areas and the working experience on research problem. Our PhD doctorate thesis writing services

Why Us?

SEA SENSE has a strong foundation and ability in undertaking the research and analysis work with a network of doctorate and research guides who would assist in completion of PhD /doctorate /DBA and its related services. Our team comprised of experienced professors, young and dynamic researchers, relevant subject matter expertise, industry professionals who provide continuous support to understand the real world situation, research methodologists, data collection team (both online and offline) statistician team (including econometrician, biostatistician), developers, copy editors (including manuscript editors) and proof readers (manuscript proof readers/thesis proof readers), and formatting and referencing team.

Experience: Our team heads have rich experience in the field of research for more than 15 years especially in the development of questionnaire, research design, quantitative and qualitative study designs, and statistical analysis. The technical heads will guide you through your research journey and drive you to achieve your PhD completion dream. There is complete support at every stage from the identification of PHD topic to the final document.

PhD thesis writing services from SEA SENSE:
SEA SENSE guide you for complete PhD doctorate thesis services such as


  • University Selection
  • Topic Selection
  • Probem Identification
  • Research Proposal
  • Literature Survey
  • Data Collection
  • Implementation
  • manuscript Preparation
  • Synopsis Writing
  • Journal/Conference Publication
  • Thesis writing
  • Language Polishing
  • Document Editing/ Formatting