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Most of the scholars is facing an extremely hectic and frustrating when selecting the best and unique PhD Topic for their dissertation that has Well-Researched and has a very clear research goal. Undoubtedly, topic selection need of an extensive literature search by referencing many peer reviewed and online sources. Our technical specialists approach the scholar to get some informative details regarding their research interests. To begin with, we try to understand your domain interest in the researching field. In fact, after determining your domain interest, we will surf and explore the classical works through various internet sources. Hence, from this investigation we will conclude some topics as most recent as well as, hot topics in that specific research arena.

The utmost priority towards selecting the topic should be based on candidates;
- Passion
- Interest
- Knowledge

PhD Proposal

Writing a research proposal is an important part of Ph.D. degree as it is an integral part of the Ph.D. application process. Basically, in the sense of the dissertation process, PhD proposal is the most demanding part that cannot be underestimated.

At the same time, are you apt to write and submit that all significant PhD dissertation proposal? If so, you will recognize correctly how hectic that can be. In fact, you will be familiar with how much of your future goes on receiving this one paper right. As well as, if you hope that writing your paper for your master’s degree was tough. Finally, the PhD proposal is a different level.

  • We can formulate, define and suggest a clear research topics or question, thereby highlighting its uniqueness and its implication.

  • A clear, practical methodology will be outlined to you so that you are capable of answer, evaluate and describe these data sources or research questions.

  • Suggestions will be given to you regarding the new areas that will excavate.


Research paper writing being the decisive factor for a career, it becomes inevitable to get help from someone who has thorough knowledge in the field of research. Research paper writing services at Sea Sense is absolutely handled and written in accordance with the institutional parameters involving style, design, and format of an ideal dissertation. We assist you at all the stages, either its dissertation topic selection or research proposal help for the topic that you have decided to research on or to develop the dissertation content.

What We Do?
Especially, our experts commit themselves to explore their foremost services towards demand of scholars. At the same time, our experts are aware of all hazards of research paper writing which will afford better solution. Experts do astonishing things easily as our writers do. The professional writers in our company can handle any type of projects whatever the subject maybe their quality is always on the top.


Are you struggling with your PhD thesis writing? Are you a scholar, working full time? Are there any other things that keeps you busy often? In fact, it does not be your concern anymore. Especially, we are providing the professional thesis writing services to our valuable scholars. Our custom thesis writing service consists a team of professional thesis writers of all domain who can very well handle the complexities in academic writing. As well as, we work towards your requirements on how the thesis should be and improve our best thesis writing and editing services in line with your specifications

Strong thesis statement is the initial step in entire research process. We also provide support along with thesis writing in research papers for scholars. As well as, we cater dissertation editing services wherein we do complete verification of the document in which punctuation, grammar and language content would be verified. Our thesis examples work stand as for knowledge and its unique contributions in the field. Likewise, we provide essay thesis writing domain for research students also.


Synopsis is the blueprint of your PhD thesis work that guarantees thorough planning and professional assistance.

Synopsis need to justify the good qualities of your research project and must convince the committee members for getting their approval for the project.

Research project synopsis comprise of the following

- Overview of Thesis
- Motivation and Problem Statements
- Literature Review
- Data collection
- Research Methodology
- Statistical Analysis
- Conclusion
- Research Deadlines
- Issues and Challenges


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